Hi Guys! FNG...Turbo dropouts & Heaving?

Matt Squire

New Member
Hi guys! My first FNG post

'Inherited' my brother's project buggy 99 A4 1.8T Quattro. 290Kmi 30Kmi on his re-build.
Quite a fun lil' Go-Kart coming from Large, Fluffy ride Fords (Ranger, Taurus & Sable DOHC Interceptors)
Worked snapped turbo bolts, dug out studs, re-threaded new exhaust>turbo gaskets. Bandaged Flexpipe with Stainless 100x screen and motorcycle exhaust tape( works Excellent on the 3+L taurus DOHCs)

Now that the exhaust & turbo are (hopefully) properly mated and running I get a bad heaving seemingly at lowish vacuum 1500-3500rpm.
Turbocharging is moderately alien to me as is the VAG com computering.

Is there a stock turbo plumbing diagram around that i can check it through against?
I have a Zero center Vacuum gage for the motorcycle (1100 Virago, also '90s vintage) I can use...