hi guys, a little problem


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Has anyone ever had this problem before?

I've got a knocking noise coming from the rear of my car, it happens when its driving between say 25-50 mph when you go over little bumps or drain covers.

Any help guys?:confused:


Lovely Sunshine
cheers bud arb bushes it is then thanks once again...........:salute:


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Hello mate... on the road now are ya!!?? I have a little knocking sound the same, when i had the car checked over the outcome was..... Rear ARB fixings broken, front wishbone bushes split and rear axle bushes cracking!


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i'm back on the road today bud woo hooooo:yahoo:.........i phoned up audi stealer yesterday and asked for all the bushes that can replaced on the rear they quoted me £69 so i'm guna replace the lot.


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Congrats on getting back on the road.. and what a nice car to jump back into btw.. 69£ for the rears, anyone got any idea how much all the fronts are too?