Hi from North Devon


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Hi there,

just joined up, and looking to purcahse a 2001 audi s3.

Going to see one 2moro, and just want your opinion on price ! :)

Its a 2001 facelift with 82k miles. fsh 2 owners

Mint bodywork (aparantly), bose and all the normal stuff.

Wants 6500, probaly looking to offer 6200.

Is this good value or a bit too much?

If i get it i hope to be a frequent user of the forum ! So far its been a endless resource for researching S3s!


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hi and welcome, private good condition are around £5800 at 80K soo id start lower tbh


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Thanks for the reply!

I think ill offer 5800-6000 and see what happens.

Its fairly local to me, so im willing to spend a bit more than average as every other facelift S3 seems to be over 200 miles away.

Only ever driven a 8P 1.9 tdi, so cant wait to get an s3 :D


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good luck and if you buy it get some pics up. Oh and welcome


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Welcome, and good luck with the viewing tomorrow!!! Make sure you test everything, including the A/C (the one thing I didnt test was the one thing that stung me 800 quid!). They truly are a joy to own once you've found a good one! I was in the same boat as you...all worthwhile ones were MILES away!



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i bought the car! paid £6000 in the end. Loving every minute! Never driven anything like it.

Will get some decent pics up today :D


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some very quick photos:







Will get some better processed ones in a decent location soon.


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Very Nice!

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looks tidy mate :)