Hi from a former S3 owner

M1ke H

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Hi from a former S3 owner. Migrating across to here from the S3 group.

The story of my change of ownership is on a thread here.

I picked up the TTS yesterday after a four month wait, so will doubtless be in with lots of questions as a newbie TT owner. In the meantime, a quick pic of the car. I'm really pleased with the colour (Z6E), although it was a dull, grey, overcast day!


M1ke H

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Hi Mike, car looks amazing. What colour is it and I will make you a custom banner?
Thanks Sandra.
(Cross posted from the other thread:)
"Thanks @Sandra for both your comment and the offer.

The paint is Tiefgruen Pearl (Deep Green Pearl (Paint Code Z6E!!!)), which I can only describe as like a really deep British Racing Green."


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Lovely car and colour. As you say, it's like a deeper and slightly darker British racing green which is sadly not seen much these days!