Facelift Hi and Mid B&O retrofit


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I am going to improve the *** of my A3. I thought about adding B&O midrange speakers in the doors and replacing the door woofer with the 8" Audison woofer.
Having now the *** equipment, the current woofer has 2 Ohm. Both the B&O midrange speakers and the Audison woofer of 8" have 4 Ohm, so the resistance does not vary, and in principle there would be no problem.
Anyone know where I can buy the kit in the picture?

These would be the audison woofer

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I have standard Audi speakers none Bose with sib on the boot. I just added pumpkin headunit and a amp and separate sub which runs alongside existing sub. I get the sound I need infact too much bass but mids and tops fine. All depends what you want

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Thanks for the answer but I will put the set I have in mind, I guess it will work well.
Does anyone know where to buy the B&O mid kit with the grilles and cables?