Hi all! VAG enthusiast here, just got my first s3 8L!


Taking it back OLD SKOOL
Hi All :)

Wanted to pop my head up and say Hi!

Im new to the forum as Ive come from Edition38 and golfgti forum as with having my mk2 golf but now buying my first s3!

Its taken me 2 years of pondering haha but I finally did it and got one! will update it with a pic asap but its currently snowed in in my garage dirty from the drive home in the snow as down In oxfordshire weve had really heavy snow!

Hope everyones all chilled from here anyway and will be cool to talk to you all



Heres my mk2 just for those of you who may appreciate the old skool business!



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Hi, :sign_welcome: to the forum!

s3 Hoggy

Whats going on???
Hello and welcome to as.net nice to see another S3 owner from Oxford, need some pics so I can keep an eye out!

Cheers Matt

S3 Rav

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welcome mate. what s3- 8l or 8p? pics...

S3 Rav

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ooops my bad...


Taking it back OLD SKOOL
Sorry for the delay in pics lads! Weve had more snow again lastnight so now the Golfs covered again lol and the s3 hasnt even left the garage since I picked it up a week ago!

The worst bit is I can even clean it in the garage because I need to wash it first because of all the salt over it! But because of the snow I cant even do that ahhhhhhhh!!

Dam weather!

Anyway, thanks for your replies lads :)

pics asap, I may even get out there with the kettle and melt the snow away at this rate lol