Hi all, Nogi Blue S3 with "rain marks "

S3 Paul

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Earlier this year i took my 2001 Nogi blue S3 off the road while i build and fitted,
The problem now is that on the bonnet and rear of the roof when under the tell tail lights of a petrol station or on a sunny day there looks to be water marks that will not come off, Ive tried the normal clay,dodo juice lime prime, Autoglym super resin pollish and wax but no matter how hard i work it they will not move,
Out of frustration i asked a lad i know who works as a painter at BMW to run a buff over it with some "lite compound" it looked better but when i pulled it into my workshop... they are still there !
The bonnet has been painted when i first got the car about 3 year ago but i know the roof has not,
Any surgestions please?


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If it is salt-induced water etching, then the only way to remove it will be to cut back the paint even harder. A two stage polishing process starting with heavy compounding and followed by careful finishing will usually fully remove salt-induced water etching. Obviously such correction work should always be done in conjunction with a paint thickness gauge if a rotary polisher is used; when working with a dual action polisher this requirement is not as important as the rate of paint removal will be less. More info on water spotting and the polishing process in general on this link...