Hi all new to the forum!


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Hi all I am new to the forum! And new too audi’s I have been and still am a vw nut.
I purchased an 2004 Audi A3 sport in dolphin grey 105k on the clock pd140 with the notorious BKD engine.
I have had no issues with the car as it has been very well looked after alsthoogh subtle mods have been made such as lowered all round on shocks and springs , twin pipe stainless tips (welded)
Stainless de cat pipe.
Also with factory bose system

Now I have the siren coming from the turbo and has been since I bought it I was none the wiser on this but I now am.
It also cut out on over boost which all I had to do is turn it off and back on again etc.
I am in the process of buying a hybrid turbo would you recommend changing the oil feed and return pipes too?
I also have a coolant leak somewhere I’m hoping I’m loosing it rather then using it!
What are the most common places to check for leaks I’m hoping the head isn’t cracked.

Many thanks