Hi All, Been looking at getting an A4 Avant any buying tips?


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Hello everyone!

I have just had my car written off by insurance company due to a "slight" incident :blush: with a saab

And have been looking at getting an A4 Avant (need an estate car for work)

I have seen one on Autotrader it's a 2000 W reg A4 1.8 T Quattro Sport in Liquid Yellow. It's got 84,000 miles and FSH. Its 100 miles from where I live and I'm hoping to go and see it over the weekend.

Is there anything I need to pay particular attention to with these cars (turbo, gearbox, engineers key etc).

Also has anyone been to look at it, seen it before? As I want to find out as much as poss before I go. ( its up for £5,490 )

All comments and opinions welcome!
Nick (soon to be Audi owner :racer:)


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Common faults with all vag cars are dodgy MAF sensors, its really obvious when you drive cars back to back as the broken on is really un-responsive and gets poor economy.

1.8T engine suffer from 'sludging'. You'll find lots on this on the internet, but it's not cheap to fix :sob:

The DIS of lots of cars of that age 'loose' lines on the display. Its tricky or expensive to fix sadly. But it doesn't effect operation of the car really...

Er. Cats can fail - they make a rattling noise.

Mmm. If the aircon smells or the carpets in the rear footwell are wet, then its the pollen filter housing leaking/drain holes under the battery blocked. Both easily fixed..

But. Don't let all that put you off. Mines the best car (and most reliable) car I've had in a long time :rockwoot: