Hey guys Remap enquiry

Ted Lindsay

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Where abouts is the best place in the London/Hampshire area(broad search I know) best for remapping my 2.0t A3 ?

I would be interested in Launch Control, and Antilag.

Just looking for a stage 1 for now


Ted Lindsay

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You could try The Phirm near Woking

They're very good with VAG cars
Thanks man I sent them a message, I’m still looking around though :(

Lots of places are saying I either need a decat, or sports cat for pops and bangs. Seems quite expensive though..


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For stage 1 map you don't need to change anything. Pops & bangs just highlight that you are a Plonker in the eyes of other road users, you don't want to draw attention to yourself, especially from the boys in blue.
AMD in West Thurrock are good at all things to do with our Audi's.