Hesitation when pulling away (manual s3)

Ron Jeremy

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Evening all,
Recently bought a 2012 manual s3 and it hesitates when pulling away in 1st gear under light load (at roughly 1.5-2k rpm). It feels like it cuts out for a split second. If I pull away with more throttle it doesn't seem to do it. I don't think its clutch related because it normally happens after I release the clutch. Any ideas of what it could be?


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Mine does this from 2k-2.5k but only from cold and usually light load in 2nd. Does it once and then it's fine until cold again.
Could be my map though, it's at stage 1 and only really noticed once that was done.


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Check your DV, it's quite easy to remove and check over. Three T25 Torx head screws hold it in place and a clip in wire.
Mine had a slight split and it cost me over 60bhp, but only cost £30 to replace.


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Not an S3 but my A3 2.0tfsi also seems to do this the first couple of times I go on boost from a cold start. It's got a stage 1 map from an unknown garage from a previous owner and I have always wondered what it could be. I pull away fine, hit boost and it's like a misfire and it really struggles until I lift off the accelerator. 2nd time it may do the same but by the third, it boosts fine, pulls nice and no hesitation what so ever.

I'd be interested if you find any answers to check myself.


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Did anyone ever get to the cause of this? My A4 2.0 TFSI does this sometimes when pulling away. I've replaced most maintenance items, only thing I haven't renewed is the MAF, so thinking could be this.


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Im going to buy a new MAF next month and see if this cures it. Its about the only thing I havent replaced, my cars had new injectors, spark plugs, DV, coil packs and a decocke.