Facelift Hesitation at light throttle input


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Hi everyone, thanks for accepting me here. I have recently purchases a 2017 A3 2.0tfsi sportback, and I'm experiencing an annoying problem. Whenever I accelerate there's an annoying stumble at lower revs. Its not as noticeable at wot, more noticeable with lighter throttle input. There's also a noticeable lurch at about 3000rpm. I have changed the plugs already as the car has 30,000 miles. After that it seemed to be less noticeable. I have also fitted a GFB uprated DV. The var was then mapped by a reputable independent specialist. Unfortunately having the car mapped has emphasised the fault,with it now having more power. Anybody else experiencing this issue? The car has the EA888 gen3b engine.
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you have to give some more details like tune, and hardware?

I have a 2016 S3 with a stage 3 custom tune from Eurodyne. I have a boss600 kit & have FBO with mpi and a hellcat 525 pump. I also replaced the lines and added a pm4. recently I have had this flat spot or dead spot in the range of 2k- 2900rpm. The car felt like it was being choked. and when it hit 2900 it was like NOS button pressed. tuner didn't see anything out of the ordinary. so he changed over tune and viola....no dead spot. he said perhaps the tube got corrupt at some point when flashing. im still experiencing some start up issues. I would try reverting back to oem then reflash if thats even possible....

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Hi, thanks for the response, the car is standard except for the uprated DV. the tune is a stage 1 carried out by an independent audi specialist up here in Fife. My issues sound very similar to yours, although I could feel the hesitation before the tune. The tune just seems to have amplified it. There are no codes stored and no eml.