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Audi A3 S-Line 2.0 TFSI
I've been having trouble with my Audi A3 2009 2.0T Tfsi. The last few months my EPC light keeps coming on randomly which puts my car into limp mode. I've taken it to a garage who have diagnosed the problem to be the throttle angle sensor inside the throttle body.
I've had the throttle body and some wiring replaced but this has not solved the problem it actually seems to have gotten worse. Now the limp mode is annoying but bearable but now sometimes when the light comes on my car has no power what so ever I can barely get up to 5mph and on a roundabout that's scary and dangerous. I'm also now getting the engine management light occasionally as well as the EPC light. If I turn the engine off and on again the EPC light will go off for a while and then come back on when it wants to.
The garage have told me that the ECU might need replacing and I'm not sure if that's true or they just want more money out if me.

Can anyone help as I can't afford a new ECU.


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You need to shout out for anyone with VCDS in your area, and get the car scanned for fault codes


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+1 on fault code scan.
Sounds like the garage is just guessing - do they have the experience and diagnostics to help?


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Theres a few lads where you are you i am sure would do a scan for you for a few beer tokens , check out the sites Vcd's section and Vcd's map .


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Please let us know what the problem is once you get it sorted! My car ( 2009 2.0TFSI 167 000Km CCZA motor) also has an occasional EPC light error. I have taken the sensor out and spray cleaned with electrical cleaner. Disconnected battery for approx. 2 hrs to reset ECU! Been fine for a few months now.
Have heard that it could possibly be a bit of oil in boost pipes from Turbo spillage(to put in layman terms). Will try "clean out" boost pipes to see if anything will improve the situation to be safe!