help with some issues


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May 7, 2011
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reigate surrey
hi all, i have a couple of things i need help with if poss.
1st problem is n/s/f brakes squeel sometimes after sudden braking this noise goes after i reach speeds over 40mph,
also i have a clunking noise under front of car usually when going over a rougher road.
also im doing a oil change etc next week as im wanting to go for a stage 1 remap in a few weeks but wanted to know if i can run an engine flush through it to clean out all the muck and do i have to remove the sump? as i have heard mixed reviews of sumps cracking and whether it is necessary or not etc.
Hi tubby-ben, your brake squeel is either 2 things, poor quality pads, the anti squeel pad or possibly just needing some copper grease behind the pads

The clunking could be a number of things, need to have a proper look but the obvious candidates are, anti roll bar bushes, droplinks, top mounts, lower arms, upper arms, ball joints, dampers.......the list goes on lol

As for the oil service, it depends what service it has had, regular oil changes or longlife. You can use flush, but does it need it?