Help with side skirts

Audi Ashley

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I need of a little help. So this is a job I have been meaning to do for awhile.

I didnt really notice this until after I bought the car and I bought the car in the middle of winter and didnt really get to use the car that much, I can now see that the side skirt has come away at the passengers side front. I have had the car checked and under neath is completely fine, all I can think is that the last owner went over a high kerb and caught the skirt.

Whats the best way to get this fixed, Im thinking of pulling it completely off and refitting with some kinda glue. The skirt wont just push back either.

Is there a special way these come off ?

Any ideas guys ?


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If you push it does it go flush with the car? If so try to clean it the best you can and then try some 3M tape.

Problem with taking it off is you could do more harm than good!
Best to remove completely and then clean off old glue and replace with new 3M tape. Water and debris gets trapped and starts getting the glue brittle, leading to the failure to bond.

Use a heat gun when removing and do slowly and it's all pretty easy overall

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