help with RNS-e retrofit please

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Apr 7, 2012
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Hi i know iv not been a member long or made many posts, more of a reader than poster! but after a lot of looking and searching on here and the net i think i need some pointers, advice and reasurance that iv got things right or understood things as im getting to the point now of confusing myself lol. This may become a long post so sorry but want to give as much info as posable!
The help i need is with RNS-e head unit part # 8P 035 193 G that iv retro fitted

Audi A3 S-Line Black Edition sept 09 has Factory fitted MFSW, AUX in, Bose, iPod cable in glovebox and had a concert CD/Radio too, professionaly retrofitted genuine new unused Bluetooth unit and coded to the concert radio as i didnt have the RNS-e then so basic mode.
i'v fitted the RNS-e unit and all seems to work fine with the DIS displaying what it should ie Nav instruction, phone numbers, radio station and track name. i know the unit needs to be coded for all functions to work correctly. if anyone can help with that id be greatful either for beer tokens or hard cash ! after all iv paid out a far bit so far so dont mind paying to get it done right, i dont mind travelling upto 50 miles either.

Im not sure about the following!! need advice please about moving the bose pin location as its position B5 for concert which is K-line on RNS-e but i know i need to move it to be B7 on the loom connector for bose in on RNS-e. should i move it ? easy to do i know as iv tried to move the pins but was not sure if i should relocate them. B1 & B7 are the AUX L & R and B3 is AUX Ground , where would these need to be relocated to so i still have use of AUX jack ? also which is the K-line wire that i need to put to B5 ? iv checked all other pin locations and all seem to be the same for concert and RNS-e

Any help would be greatly appreciated indeed likewise anyone that can recode for me too.
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