Help with all round obd code reader.

Hi all not sure if i am in the correct forum so sorry if i am in the wrong one, i am looking for a all round obd code reader around a 100 pounds could anybody help and give some advice, it's not alot of money for a reader, but i will be doing the most basic things with it nothing fancy fault code reading eml etc thanks for any help.
Great thanks for that been on the net last few days and a bit of a mind field as somebody saying this one another person saying that just give up not sure what to do for the best also alot of the readers don't say if they will work on diesel.


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Can I suggest the Carista app with associated bluetooth dongle to plug into OBD port to pair with smartphone? Worked for me for fault readings and could make changed to car settings. I think you should be able to find info about what it can and cannot do for particular car modes on the net.


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I use Launch diagnostic tools and their brilliant, watch out for the dodgy sellers on ebay/amazon though these guys are selling grey import models for half the price with no back up and warranty.