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jonathan english

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Dec 8, 2014
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Hi guys hope your all ok!! I have a split silicone pipe (dunno if its important but its a little boost leak none the less) the metal intercooler pipe that runs across the back of the engine bay and the 2 silicone pipe that come of that are what I need! Would like to replace them with blue ones if possible but they look shaped so unsure if I can if someone could give me an ebay link that would be great!! Thanks guys jon
This sounds like the description of an A3 engine bay... If it is, the large diameter one is for the DV, you can do that with a 90 degree hose, straight coupler and straight hose. The other is for the N75, and can be done with silicone vacuum hose, which is flexible.
Sorry guys its a year 2000 prefacelift Audi s3 210 just need the 2 silicone pipes that come off the intercooler pipe that runs up the left side of the engine bay then accross the back just before the silicone pipe that head back down to the turbo theres 2 silicone pipes differing in diameter ones split (small one) and the others black so may aswell change both to blue ones! Sorry for not specifying the car! Thanks for your help though!! Jon
Not my engine but the circled pipes although it looks like hes blanked his off? Is it worth doing this?


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Thats a coldside relocation... you will see his DV connects to the throttle side pipe... no real gains other than the DV is a bit further away from hot stuff, DV effectiveness is better in OE position personally

Well these look right but I cant remember if either of the pipes connect to the dump valve? Il order and see!! Thanks guys

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