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HELP!! Whirring sound in engine bay :/

Mujnu Mar 23, 2018

  1. Mujnu

    Mujnu Active Member

    Hi everyone,

    Was wondering if anyone can shed some light on a new sound which has appeared on my sisters A1 13 play, 1.6 diesel, manual with 55k on the clock.

    It’s hard to describe the sound so I’ve made a little recording:

    Any help would be appreciated :)

    Thank you in advance everyone.
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  3. Jimbbobw1977

    Jimbbobw1977 Active Member

    It’s difficult to hear in the video but the camera is by the alternator which can make noises when the bearings become dry.

    Has the car had emissions recall work done??
  4. Mujnu

    Mujnu Active Member


    Thank you for the reply,

    There was a letter sent saying it needs a emission recall. But a lot of people saying they had problems after getting it done so it’s putting me off lol

    I’ve got it booked in with an Audi specialist, I’m hoping it’s just a noisy alternator pulley

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