HELP .. Wheel Bearing Replacement - Audi Main Dealer!!!!


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Hi All,

Need some help, Audi Main dealer (Hatfield) replaced the passenger wheel bearing on my A4 under a year ago under warranty....Since then the car has covered an extra 20,000 miles, this weekend I got the bearing noise and seemed to be the passenger side.

This morning I have taken the car to an Audi specialist and they have confirmed it is the passenger wheel bearing ... 20,000 miles and under a year old for a wheel bearing, I'm shocked.

I called Audi Hatfield and spoke to their service department, the gentleman advised me because the part was replaced under warranty and now the car is out of warranty, I am not covered.... I will have to pay for an inspection fee £60 + VAT, if it is the passenger wheel bearing they will speak to Audi and see if they can do a good will gesture, but cannot guarantee this and then I would have to cover the cost. Isn't parts and labour covered for 12 months?

So, reason for my post .. Where do I stand on this? I have asked to speak to the manager of the service department but wanted to see if anyone could advise or help before he calls.



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I thought that they gave a separate warranty on replaced parts outwith the regular warranty? I would look into this further with Audi as I had something replaced on my Vauxhall and it came with a one year warranty (less than the total left on the car though as it's still got lifetime/100k mile warranty...).


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a quick email to audi customer services with a copy of the job sheet for the previous warrenrty work would probs get this sorted for free
i assume you have fash, if not then forget it