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Help? Washer Fluid warning light perm' on

imported_matesgotanA4 Jul 5, 2004

  1. A friend of mine's got an A4 TDi (R reg I think). It has the same red centre display as my Bora which, when the washer fluid's low, emits a high pitched beep and a big pic of a washer bottle appears! Only problem is, even though hes filled it, it won't go out and it's getting seriously annoying. He's tried disconecting it but it's still happening. Anyone got any bright ideas, he doesn't really care about keeping the sensor (although it would be nice) he just wants rid of the warning sign!

    When the fluid on my Bora get low, it does the same thing, but goes out after 10 secs or so, this stays one for as long as the ignition's on. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Nice one, will give that a go tonight.

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