Help! [VCDS] Address 17 (kombi instrument) long coding..


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Hi All,

I'm part way through a bodge/repair/upgrade to the clocks with knackered DIS in my A6; with just one real hurdle left - getting the Q7 clocks I'm using to agree tyre circumference with my ABS module (I've got it agreeing with the fuel tank that this isn't a Q7 (AWD) with 100L tank).

I'd appreciate a peek at your long coding, in case it gives me any clues; particularly (but not only) post-facelift cars (noting model year alongside coding would be a real help).

I'm not sure that LCode2 has any relevance; it doesn't appear to be documented anywhere, but I'd be sincerely grateful to anyone who goes through the block noting which bits in which bytes are enabled too - just in case something there is causing it to object to my coding.

Many thanks in advance!