[HELP!!] Technical Information on A3 8Y 35 TFSI


New Member
Hi all,

I'm new to the Audi community, the brand new A3 8Y being my first car and all. I actually imported the car myself into my country, and is undergoing homologation with the authority.

I would like to seek the community's help in 2 areas which I'm currently struggling with.

1. The mild hybrid motor
I'm expected to produce some information on the hybrid motor in this car, and below are the information that I cant seem to find anywhere. I tried contacting Audi UK (where I bought the car from), but they have not been very responsive nor helpful.
a. Hybrid System Model
b. Hybrid System Code
c. Motor Type (AC synchronous, DC brushless, AC Induction, etc)
d. Motor Rated Voltage

2. The emissions numbers
Am I right to say that the emission numbers for THC, CO, NOx, etc provided by Audi in the CoC are WLTP figures? If so, any one know of any ways that I could get figures for tests done using NEDC?

Thank you all so much in advance!