Help taken off vacum hoses

speedy lynn

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Oct 24, 2010
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Hi boys taken off my vacuum hoses and forgotten where they go back the small white nylon T broke off and suction on pipe was making it lumpy so like an idiot I pull it all the small hoses off and cant remember where they go need a couple of photos urgent or I cant go to work please HELP urgent ,Ifixed the T section glued it with araldite I waiting for photos now CHEERS LADS XXXX
What car and engine model is it?
its a 1.8 APY engine on L8 20v turbo I think I got it right, The engine has a misfire and feels like one plug is breaking down it was when I was looking that I found the broken T section and the suction on vacuum was not operating properly, I will still have to take the plugs out and change the plugs but don't know where the vacuum hoses go any help would be great a photo of hoses will help, thanks for your time LYNN