Help! Strange noise 2.0 170

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Jan 1, 2016
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Engine management light came on and this noise started.

Any ideas of what it could be would be gratefully received.
Fairly easy to remove just a few Allen key heads, I always use a foam oven cleaner when cleaning sooty components there will be loads of vids on YouTube
DSC 0279
The day before I cleaned the Egr the Dpf light came, gave it a good long blast couldn't clear it, cleaned the egr, very blocked (as shown in the picture above).

Still had both faults showing on the dash so took it to my indy to remove them.... No good, still coming up with egr flow fault tried a couple of forced regenerations.... Nothing. Drove home from there only for it to go into limp mode.
Enough is enough so booked it in for dpf internals to be removed, dpf delete, EGR delete and a remap Monday. Fingers crossed I drive it Monday evening with no faults showing and maybe a bit more bhp.

A hopefully proud audi A4 2.0 170 owner once more.
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My EGR Valve just failed and the noise was very similar. On one side there is a plastic cover that covers the cogs that operate one of the flaps, these cogs are made of plastic. After so many miles they just wear away and no longer operate as they should. So when they need to turn they just scrape off each other. £140 for a new one from ECP. Jobs a good un.
That's intresting, I did se the cover but didn't look inside, after I cleaned it the noise is less frequent but still there. I'm a little fed up with poking about under the bonnet, I've only had the car 3 months but it's one thing after another. If it doesnt go well with the deletes I'm going to cry like a girl.
It'll be the same issue I had mate, the cogs will be worn so arent interlocking properly to open the valve. Hence the clicking noise. It wont matter anyway if you're having it removed and mapped to suit.
Whooooooop Whooooooop picked up the A4 at the end of work today, very happy indeed!
DPF gone!
EGR gone!
Around 200bhp!
Drives like it looks like it should.

How glad I am I made the decisions and paid the money.
Once again I am the proud owner of and Audi A4 Avant 2.0tdi 170 (sorry 200ish)
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Sounds good mate can't wait to get rid of my dpf and more power! Feel free to get some videos of the new acceleration!