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Help!!! Smoke from inside car and burning smell!!!!

Isaa May 8, 2020

  1. Isaa

    Isaa Registered User

    I own a 2007 A5 3.0 TDI coupe and wondering if anyone can help me with a issue that occurred today. Now I don’t know if everything is related but I’m going to mention it Anyway.

    So I jumped in my A5 this morning to find that the battery was flat. Luckily I own another car so I used it to jump start the A5, after that everything seemed fine. Drove to work and left the car parked up. Came back out after around 4-5 hours, when I opened the car a whole load of smoke escaped with the distinct smell of something burning. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out the source of the smoke but couldn’t find anything.

    Another issue that has emerged is my MMI no longer works. When I switch it on I get the initial MMI loading screen then it just goes blank. This was definitely working when I was driving to work as I remember using the radio.

    I’ve had a search online and the only thing that really came up was issues with the AMP due to leaking sunroofs but I don’t have a sun roof. Any help will be great, Thanks.
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  3. quattrogone

    quattrogone Quattro Back!

    Pretty sure I read about A5's randomly catching fire some where whilst researching them! I'd get it checked out pronto....

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