HELP-Scumbag tossed superglue on car paint!


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couldnt believe it, found superglue dripping down the passenger handle area tonight after visiting family.

has anyone any good ideas on how to remove it? i could use gasket remover in small amounts which is very viscious, i cant do anything tonight because its too dark to see if im damaging the surounding paint. will the superglue eat away at the clear coat? the paint has good protection (wax,polish, sealant etc) i also have an ultimate detailing machine, should i worry or can this kind of task be removed with this machine?

any help/advice would be greatly appreciated



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Right mate I had the same prolem a few months back and got some super glue on me wifes bumper on avant , what i used was and got from halfords was something called loctite glue remover about £3 works a treat. But do try a little bit on first to make sure it doesnt damage your paint , and when it comes off and no problems do the rest .
P.S i did have to leave the stuff on for a few hours for it to work actually more like 8 hours.


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cheers for that mate

the glue on mine has cured and it may have eaten away at the clearcoat- did this happen with you?
if so would a respray be needed?
i can polish it up once finished with the UDM

thanks for advice


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update- bought the product you mentioned loctite glue remover from halfords at £3.49 and the glue is slowly coming off without damaging the paint-very good news! i obviously tried a inconsipcious area first to test the reaction of the paint.

i will leave it on overnight and see it all comes off.

so thankyou for all your advice, much appreciated



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Bad news..... Hope it comes off without too much damage.

Where about's in Lancs was this done? I'll have to be more careful where I park up


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Was going to suggest the Loctite solvent! Worth a shot, it's strong, but so is cured paint, so you should be fine. Might be worth following up with a little compounding and polishing session afterwards, if you can get the machine in to the area easily. What's with people these days? :sadlike:


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it was parked up in Preston-lower penwortham to be exact if you know it.

thank God Audi paint is so hard! yea will follow up with a good session of polishing and sealing the pain again.

I cant believe someone would do this too, thats a downside to having a nice car i suppose even though i kept myself to myself.



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I work in Preston......and yep....its not short of wankers!!!!