Help Running Throttle Body/Valve Alignment


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I’m hoping someone can help me....

As some of you may have followed, I have recently done a full engine rebuild on my 3.0TDI after the timing chains jumped. Now as the last part of getting it back on the road I have a couple of niggly error codes, one of which relates to throttle valve position.

I cleaned the throttle as part of the rebuild, so the likely culprit is that it just needs aligning. HOWEVER, every instruction I can find says to do the following:

Turn the key on but do not start the car.

[01 - Engine]
[Basic Settings - 04]
Group 060
It should say "Basic Settings: OFF" on the top of your screen.

Click [ON/OFF/Next] to turn on Basic Settings.
It should now say "Basic Settings: ON" on the top of your screen. Once you do this you will see the top right display say ADP RUN. The TB adaptation is being done as soon as you switched basic settings on. You will see the values change and hear the TB cycle for the first few seconds then it will stop. Leave it in Basic Settings for about 30 seconds.

Click [ON/OFF/Next] to turn off Basic Settings.
It should now say "Basic Settings: OFF" on the top of your screen

Click the [Done, Go Back] button and you're all set.

If I try and do this procedure, when I to go to channel 060 in the engine module I just get an error and I cannot run the alignment. I have read that you need to be clear of any ECU fault codes for it to run, but I have a couple of fault codes for the throttle activation failed that come back straight away even after I clear them, so I am kind of stuck in a cycle.

I am using OBDeleven to try and run it and it can communicate with the car fine, I have coded other modules no problem. The procedure is also the correct one as the ECU is using KWP2000 to communicate.

Has anyone successfully run the TBA on a 3.0TDI using OBDeleven? Do I need to put in a readiness code first? How do I get it to run? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated as I have run out of ideas!

Scan as below:
OBDeleven data log

Date: 2018-09-22 11:48

VIN: WAUZZZxxxxxxxxxx
Car: Audi A4
Year: 2005
Body type: Avant
Engine: BKN 150 kW (204 HP) 3.0 l
Mileage: 269190 KM

01 Engine

System description: 3.0L V6TDI G000AG
Software number: 8E0910401F
Software version: 0060
Hardware number: 8E0907401AJ
Coding: 0011171

Trouble codes:
P3243 - Throttle valve control module activation Electrical error Lower limit not reached
P0638 - Throttle Actuator Control (Bank1) Range/Performance Lower limit not reached