Help RS4 Manifold Gasket fault


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Hi guys

noticed a weird smell coming from my engine bay from behind the n/s air box. Took it out to find burnt/melted coil pack and plug :(

Had it all repaired with genuine parts, started the car and it’s doing it again. Noticed extreme heat coming up from the manifold.
Could this be the cause and has anyone else had this problem?

how much is it to have the manifold gasket replaced as it does not look a 5 min job.

thanks in advance

spartacus 68

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The gaskets on their own are literally a few pounds, but suspect this is an expensive job. Access will be tight. Not even sure if its an engine out job? If that's the case. Do both sides.

Looking at S4 engine, for example out of the car and the catalytic housing pipe looks bulky, that needs to come off first then access to the exhaust manifold, I assume?

Performance kits look like they come with exhuaust manifold studs too, gasket and set of nuts.

Definitely an experienced indy job.