HELP Retrofitting cruise control, need VAG-com can in south west UK


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Jan 11, 2006
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Hi all, Am going to retrofit cruise to my a3 8p 2.0tdi tomorrow.

Firstly after unfitting the air bag is it standard for there to be a ecu fault? trying to find out what i should expect to happen.

Secondly does any1 have a VAG-com cable which is can enabled for activating the cruise and resetting any error codes.

I live in exeter, but happy to travel.

Yes, the airbag will throw a fault. Cant help you with VAGCOM cable unfortunately.
If you can Dan, post up some pictures about the fitting - would be interested to see how it's done. I've already got cruise with my SE and it's one of the car's best features!
I'd be interested in the details too. I've just bought the cruise stalk from ebay, and as the seller is German, I have no idea what kind of instructions come with the package /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Ok chaps here's the update, picked up the parts the stalk and the new under fascia from audi this morning. All went very smoothly untill i didn't have the right torque wrench for the main wheel removal, but after a quick trip to a specialist tool shop, qnd 15 squid, i had the right part.

Rest of the install would of gone well, except my steering wheel ecu controller has only the 9 pin setup for the indicator module, so now i have had to order the updated 10 pin controller from audi. (A problem with the older versions of the mk 2 A3. The newer one's "Should" have them, well thats what audi said.

Took a few photo's, but light was poor in the shire today! Will try and get some better snaps tomorrow when the conrtroller arrives.

Regards to all


PS STill on the look out for VAG-com, I am pretty sure I can get hold of the cable but the software is pricey! Any kind sole prepared to load a copy onto my laptop?

PPS PICS and full write up will be posted soon when I have hopefully completed the job!
Yes, i believe it would, but also need to activate the cruise! Which correct me if i'm wrong, but i dont think it does!
You need the new HEX cable to use Vag-com with MkV platform cars, so using a demo version of Vag-com with an older cable wouldn't help anyway. And if you have the HEX cable, you also have a full license automatically.

Looking forward to the write-up of the installation! Maybe it will help me decide whether I'll try to install the stalk myself, or have someone else do it.
Well well, look at what post brought - a brand new cruise stalk, lower facia and installation instructions /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

After reading through the first page of instructions, I have to say something that I rarely get an opportunity to do - the english on the instructions is unbelievably bad. It's actually so bad that it's even worse than the spoken english of our Finnish rally- and/or F1-drivers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif

An example: "Please read though to itself this mounting-instruction conscientliously! Hasty mountings mostly only bring harms instead of uses!" .. Oh well, looks like the installation may take a while..
I paid 90eur + shipping for the stalk and the lower facia. In addition to this, you may (or may not..) need a new electronics unit, which would cost around 130eur from the same dealer. I don't even know for sure if I need one yet.
OK Chaps, I now have the new ECU chip! If you have vag-com controller you can check i presume whether you have the old or new version. If the steering wheel control unit starts with an 8P you Will be ok! If it starts VW you will require the new ECU, and probably the wire from pin 13 on steering control unit to pin 20 on engine ECU (behind the windscreen wiper plastic!)

Be carefull taking the steering controller off, when you remove the wheel, As if you wiggle it as I did, you need to re-align the steering errors, by turning through both locks! etc etc, I got this corrected by audi, which was not cheap, and not sure whether you guys can do this with your laptop and HEX CAN set-up? So Go easy.

Full write up and pics to follow when I get the wire from 13 to 20 and hopefully get the little ****** working! I am pretty sure that everything that could of gone wrong has!

Ps Dont know why i am writing advice on this, I am a bit of an amateur cowboy, but think i'm nearly there! And also think its not been done much to the new mark 2 audi's and mark 5 golf's. So people can learn from my mistake's and experience!

Take it easy DB,

but pls I am no techie, so do not hold me responsible if u feck something up!
I just took a look at the revision of the steering wheel controller I have. It's 1K0 953 549 F. Looks like I'll need to get a new one then..

Looking forward to the instructions. Running the wire from the engine ecu is especially interesting.

After fitting cruise control today which went well, the only part is to re-code the relevant parts of the car.

Does anybody know the correct numbers for the different boxes?

I would assume I will need to change:
{Steering Wheel Electronics}
Control Module Coding
Select 16 (Steering Wheel Electronics)
Coding -> Function 07
00?xxxx: Transmission
0 - Manual Transmission
1 - Automatic Transmission
00x?xxx: Steering Wheel
0 - 3-Spoke, w/o Tiptronic, w/o Multi-Function
1 - 3-Spoke, with Tiptronic, w/o Multi-Function
2 - 4-Spoke Multi-Function (with Radio Control)
3 - 4-Spoke Multi-Function (with Radio/Telephone Control)
4 - 4-Spoke Multi-Function (with Radio/Telephone/Voice Control)
00xx?xx: Tiptronic/Heating
+1 - Tiptronic on Steering Wheel
+2 - Steering Wheel Heating
00xxx?x: Cruise Control/Board Computer
0 - no Board Computer, no Cruise Control
1 - Board Computer, no Cruise Control
2 - no Board Computer, Cruise Control
4 - Board Computer, Cruise Control
00xxxx?: Rear Wiper
0 - w/o Rear Wiper
1 - with Rear Wiper
Any help much appreciated.
These are the instructions (in german) that I got with my parts:

"Freischaltung der GRA Funktion im Motorsteuergerät & der Lenkstockelektronik
löschen. Nach Bestätigung den Login -11- auswählen und bestätigen. Im Feld dann den Code
„11463“ eingeben. Mit -Do it- bestätigen. Nach erneuten Starten der VAG-Com ist im STG -1-
unter Bauteilbezeichnung (oben rechts) ein „G“ zu sehen. Ist das der Fall, so ist die GRA
freigeschaltet. Da die GRA Funktion über den CAN-Bus gesteuert ist, so ist die Lenkstockelektronik
(SMLS) auch frei zuschalten. Diese befindet sich unter dem STG -16-. Hier wird
auch wieder zuerst der Fehlerspeicher -02- ausgelesen & wenn Fehler vorhanden diese
löschen. Nun kann unter STG -07- der Ausstattungscode ausgelesen werden. Dieser ist
zunächst zu notieren. Der Code hat eine 5 stelliege Zahlenfolge. An der vorletzten Stelle sollte
sich bei Fahrzeugen die mit dem FIS ausgestattet sind eine 0XX1X stehen. Dieser Wert wird
dann auf 0XX4X erhöht. Bei Fahrzeuge ohne dem FIS ist der Wert auf 0XX2X zu setzen. Ist der
richtige Code nun eingegeben, so ist dies mit „OK“ zu bestätigen. Nun sollte die GRA
Funktion frei geschaltet und bei eingeschaltet Zündung und eingeschaltetem GRA Hebel dies
im Tacho angezeigt werden."

Translating with google works pretty well. If I understand this correctly, you need to change the second last digit in steering wheel control unit to either 2 or 4 (2 if you don't have FIS). You may also need to enter the code "11463" in the engine control unit to unlock the cruise functionality.

Be careful - I haven't tried these myself yet.
Perfect thank you.

I did the coding as suggested; I found this on the Ross-Tech website:

Activating Cruise Control on a new ECU (DBW):
Factory fresh ECU's often come with cruise control de-activated. If this is the case, there will not be a letter "G" in the Component field of VAG-COM when connected to the Engine.

[01 - Engine]
[Login - 11]
Enter 11463 to activate cruise control
[Do It!]
After doing this procedure, there should be a letter "G" in the Component field.
Then change the 16 – Steering Wheel code – as listed above.
I now have the green cruise control lamp on when I set the speed!!!! it works. Very easy!
Dannyboyski - any chance you've had time to spare at writing the guide? My new electronics unit should be arriving any day now, so all tips and tricks to make the installation go smoothly are most welcome!