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Hey guys I'm new here but also new in terms of hopefully buying my first audi. I am currently looking at a 2013 SQ5 which I'm loving the look of more and more each day but I am very cautious because it has 98k on the clock and they want just short of £17000 for it.

I am hoping you guys can either push me to buy it or steer me away from it due to its high miles... I checked the MOT history and its always passed with minor advisories, are they prone to start going wrong at these sorts of miles?

Again any help would be really appreciated!
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Hi, I am not going to be any help really as I haven’t had any type of Q5. But, given you are looking at a car that’s 8 years old, it having approaching 100k miles is circa 12.5K a year which would be below or around average. I’m not sure I’d buy something with that mileage myself, but that’s just personal choice.
Hopefully someone with experience of the Q5 platform will be along at some point to give you better advice.
Good luck with though with whatever decision you come to.

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The risk always is that other people have had their relatively low-cost fun and enjoyment out of the car and you'll buy it and effectively pay for it. Let's be rational for a moment:

1) Aside from the age and nudging a 100k miles it will likely have been driven hard. SQ5s (I've had two - 2013 and 2014 both from new) are most fun from a standing start where all the torque gives you a punch in the back...downside is the drive train has to soak up all that punishment.

2) Whilst its a quick car its also a 2 tonne beast with really average brakes, all that performance doesn't have the chassis to cope with it so you'll have to spend money making it stop and handle.

3) It's a diesel, that's just not the popular now, the market has moved on, fuel economy when new was in the 30s most of the time

4) I sold my 2014 in Sepang Blue and bought a 2015 RSQ3, the first of 3.


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I would say that although the SQ5 is a great car , its also an expensive car to fix if it goes wrong. That diesel engine is a complicated beast and with that kind of mileage could be a money pit.
Its all a question of personal risk and wether or not you can afford to cover that with such a high mileage car.
As cosmicblue says.....the RSQ3 is a much more rewarding car but you'd still be in the cheap end with that budget, it also may not be your thing as its smaller, subjectively not as good looking and likes a drink!


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You'd be better off with a nissan micra, preferably a brown one! I've heard there the ultimate driving machines... or was that the 2.0tdi se 3series