help required, possible turbo seals gone


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May 13, 2011
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Bournemouth, Dorset/ Wallingord, Oxon
hi all just a bit of help needed to diagnose my issue - was driving back to wolves the other day when i noticed smoke out the back - slight blue tinge so could be turbo seals i thought, smelt strongly of burnt oil too. managed to pull over and on idle it smoked an awful lot. there was oil residue all over the top of the gearbox and slight pooling on there also. i think there's a turbo oil feed or return near there? Anyway checked the oil level which was low so topped up, and have had to use the car to get back home so stocked up on oil and drove the 200 miles home during which it has used about 2 litres and the smoking is now constant and very heavy at speeds lower than about 60mph, over that it's intermittent however just turning into my road the oil warning light and 3 beeps came on so i stopped and parked up, checked the oil and inspected the engine bay where the oil on top the gearbox etc has got worse, and now the engine rattles. i'm assuming it has started rattling because of oil starvation or something, so i left it overnight and checked the oil in the morning and it doesn't even register on the dipstick - i had put about 500ml in about 10 miles before that. my next job is to take of the tip to see if there's oil in there and just confirm it is the turbo seal or something else. i dare start it up again until i've got more oil to put in it

but from what i've explained does it sound like it is? or something else? any advice/help would be appreciated just to try and diagnose what's up...thanks
Dont drive it!!!!

get it towed home if your going to do the work of to a garage!

the oil pipe your refering to goes from the top of the oil cooler the the turbo. these pipes are usually braided but can still wear. First think id do its drain the oil and check that pipe for wear. also check for oil in your tip. that could mean its the turbo...

I also hear blue smoke could be piston rings....:( but lets start with the turbo.

also get under the car and see where its dripping from. might be easier to diagnose.get some pics up to if you can

Good luck!
yes mate wait for the rain to stop and get out there and give it a good check over and look for the source of the leak defo pop the tip off and check that too.

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