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Help Required please re: Front anti roll bar bush

Shaun Osborne Oct 18, 2020 at 12:56 PM

  1. Shaun Osborne

    Shaun Osborne Registered User

    Can anybody help me figure out what size arb bushes I need for my 1.9tdi. Not sure if engine code is required but it's bke saloon.
    I've been experiencing knocking or more like rattle on front end over uneven surfaces, I've done bottom wishbones, new springs and shocks, one side drop link so far, and when I do the other side I'm doing the arb bushes aswell.. Other than that what else can be the fault? My mechanic reckons the strut top mounts rarely go, however I'm guessing he could be wrong as any rubber can perish.
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  3. Sloppy_1

    Sloppy_1 Registered User

    dont needlessly replace stuff work out what it is,

    to check size you could use an adjustable wrench over arb,

    mine was nocking like you say i checked it over and inner track rod had failed.
  4. Shaun Osborne

    Shaun Osborne Registered User

    I changed the other drop link, and both the arb bushes today. The noise is still there I think. Its not a continuous noise it's only at lowish speeds and uneven roads. It's got my head battered as I'm not able to pin point the noise to a particular area

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