help regards remapping my Q7 3.0 TDI


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first post so here we go........... im looking to get the Q7 remapped but only to try and save on the mpg. Questions are, have any of you had yours remmaped, what kind of savings are you making if any, what maps should I steer clear from and finally, what map should I look to get fitted.
Kind Regards Stephen.


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Big question, there are many people who will map that for you. There are also many people on the site who have had these engines mapped. More usually in the A4 and A6 and Usually for performance gains, but most of the time they will do more mpg as well.
Where abouts in the country are you as somebody may be able to point you to a local person.
Not much good recommending Joe Bloggs in Exeter if you live in Dundee.



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Hi StephenQ7,

We cover all methods of tuning and can provide a custom remap for your Q7 but are we based in Essex, so probably not convenient for you.

We are totally un-bias when it comes to tuning and you can certainly achieve great fuel efficiency results if you remap your Q7. However, just to point out, remaps can sometimes be expensive and you can potentially lose your custom file if the car goes back to a main dealer and they carry out a software update.

It’s totally personal choice but have you considered a digital multi-channel tuning box system for your Q7? We would recommend our multi-channel system such as our CRTD2® TWIN Channel tuning system which will provide you with the benefits of a remap and the ability to choose alternative maps.

The system can be easily installed and removed and is not traceable on your ECU. Our tuning boxes are custom programmed to meet your specific requirements, so we would programme your box to give you maximum fuel efficiency whilst still significantly improving your performance. Our systems can also be reprogrammed for future vehicles for a small cost.

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee, so you could potentially trial the system to get a feel for the results!

With a remap or tuning system, your mpg savings will depend on how you drive your vehicle. The uplift in mid-range power and torque will allow your vehicle to carry out its tasks with greater ease and more efficiently so there will be less demand on fuel. However, if you drive the vehicle exceptionally hard and you do not take advantage of your automatic transmission being able to select a higher gear (i.e. going from 5th to 6th) due to the extra torque available, you will not experience savings in fuel. As I have already mentioned, this will apply to any form of tuning; box or remap.

Please feel free to give us a call for a chat if you would like some general tuning advice on 01245 924 400.



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