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Hi could someone please help before RAC turn up. My car was in the Audi Wakefield garage yesturday to have the nearside front constant velocity joint gaitor and nearside front beam headlight bulb replaced. Was fine before it went in. Picked it up after the work had been done, when driving off it had what felt like a grating sensation when the sterring was on full lock right. Went home and this morning I reversed off the drive and in full lock had the same sensation, went to go into first and it was as if the car was in neutral, everything else seems fine, reverse parking noise coms on when put in reverse etc but no movement ie revving did nothing. Opened the bonnet and it is making a hissing noise and there is what looks like dirty water leaking from somewhere, does anyon know what they have done, please help before RAC turn up and take it away to leave me with a £500 repair bill. It was fine before they had it. HELP


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just to add none of the gears work, I am 100% positive they have done something to it, but what would they have done - I am not mechanically clued up at all.

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The driveshaft has pulled out of the CV joint i expect.I assume you can put it in anygear and the revs will rise, but the car will not move.

Let us know how you get on