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Help please ,struggle t0 sell a reasonable A3

nvc Nov 17, 2010

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  1. nvc

    nvc Registered User

    Hello there,

    I am selling my A3 on autotrader at the moment, It has been on the web for a good few week now, but seems very quiet. ( well ,I was abroad for 3 weeks)
    The car is silver/grey 3 door, SE model petrol manual, 24k miles.cruise control, auto windscreen wiper/auto headlight, duo zone climate control, with full Audi history. Audi MOT till 15/04/2011, Service next due July 2011, plenty of tyres life left. very good condition inside out
    Price is 7948, seems reasonable compare to other A3s ( 100miles from Bristol) paid 10999 a year ago from audi main dealer link here

    2006 AUDI A3 1.6 SE 3dr Hatchback

    my search of similar cars

    Used AUDI A3 Car for Sale - Auto Trader UK


    So could anyone shed some light for me please:zen: ? should I drop price more? change pic?
    Paid cash for my new car, so my account is down to 100s. ( well not that desprate really)

    Any advice much appreciated!

    Last edited: Nov 17, 2010
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  3. nvc

    nvc Registered User

    revised down to 7488 , go and charge my cordless now
  4. Cyrix

    Cyrix Registered User

    Blantant plug, lol.......

    I'm in the same position, I'm selling a...............:w00t:

    I think it's just the time of year, you are going to have to either reduce the price or stick to your guns and hold out for the price you want. I'm doing the latter, my savings account is down about 7 grand but I don't need the money immediately.

    The other thing, without sounding harsh is it's just a car was an Audi badge on it, i.e a bottom of the range 1.6 SE, the market sector is fairly limited.

    You could try a car auction with a reserve on it, it's usually around £50 to enter a car however. (Plus 10%-ish fee if it sells!)
  5. nvc

    nvc Registered User

    thanks, I do not trust auction, years of experience told me , 10% fee plus £50 ? that is about £750 at least , I'd rather flush it down the drain than handover to a broker anyday. Cheers
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