HELP PLEASE! Spare key issues


New Member
Hey, so I received my spare key a month after having my A1. The spare key came without a battery so I have just bought a battery and put it in to try it.

when I use my main key, the headlights come on when unlocking the car.. so my spare key unlocked and locked the car, but the headlights didn’t come on and then without touching the key, the car would start unlocking and locking by itself over and over. The red like on the spare key would flash as if I’m using it.

I’ve started my car with my spare key and locked the car and walked away with it, but then it will unlock and lock again, now my main key won’t turn the headlights on when unlocking every time, it does sometimes but not all the time.

I have taken the battery out of my spare key and unlocked and locked the car with my main key to see if it’s stops the unlocking by it’s self. But I need both keys, one set for myself and one for my husband.
Can anyone help??