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Help please....problems installing a Pioneer DA230DAB to B7 RS4

Uma1r Jan 6, 2018

  1. Uma1r

    Uma1r Registered User

    Hi guys, any help with this much appreciated.

    I am using the following parts:

    1. Pioneer SPH-230DAB Headunit

    2. Steering Wheel Stalk Adapter - Connects2 CTSAD006.2

    3. Double DIN Fascia Kit

    4. FAKRA to Audi antenna adapter - Connects2 CT27AA56

    I tried to help a friend out by 'attempting' to upgrade his RS4 (2006) BOSE RNS-E to a modern Pioneer DA-230DAB double DIN. The majority of the install has gone OK, microphone is in place, DAB antenna is in place all perfectly routed (hidden) behind the A-pillar and into the dashboard.

    I have come across some problems that I need help with please:

    1. Cannot fit the DAB aerial connector to the Pioneer connector. I understand it is a push in part (not screw) but it just will not go in.

    2. No sound coming through the speakers regardless of audio source.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  3. Uma1r

    Uma1r Registered User

    Thanks guys for all the useful comments ;)

    Just for information if anyone else finds themselves in this situation then what you need to do...

    1. Don't pose the question here clearly (if you want a response)

    2. One needs to connect the blue/white wire from the Pioneer harness to the Amp On connector on the Connects2 harness

    3. You also need to connect the blue wire from the FAKRA2 aerial adaptor to a blue wire on the Connects 2 harness

    4. Finally the DAB aerial connector does not 'click' into the back of the Pioneer, it merely sits there.
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  4. asifa3

    asifa3 Registered User

    Thanks for the above info.
  5. shanusascarabus

    shanusascarabus Registered User

    Well I for one found your post useful Uma1r :thumbs up:
    Nice hu too

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