HELP PLEASE!! :) new to this.


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Hi people im new to the s3's just been and braught a amk 2001 audi s3 ming blue its pretty quick for what it is as is completely standard but I was out with friends the weekend at an event and just didnt seem like the turbo was coming in when foot was planted to the floor and regualarly happened in 3rd is it the clutch as seemd pretty stifff and low other day but biting point has got higher and smelt abit of burning but would that efect the turbo not kicking in? Turbo does work sometimes in all gears but just when I plant my foot sometimes it doesnt I was told by previous owner that turbo has never been replaced to what he new of and car has covered 155k miles with
alot of receipts and full service history. Anyone have any suggestions if so good local mechanics in wednesbury/west midlands area.



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I havent yet its booked in with my good friend at his garage hes a manager of kwik fit hes going to get there specialist to look wednesday its not the clutch slipping had an enquiry today clutch is all fine but seems to be a loss of power at times when foot is planted to the floor and going threw gears seems like the turbo doesnt work sometimes in 3rd gear mainly not all the time as it does work. Never had one of these cars before so new to this but its quick but ino its ment to be quicker!


Defo worth the wait :)
First thing to do is scan it for faults, there are a few decent specialists around the West Mids area, Midland VW being one of the main ones.

Get a scan done before anything else, as this could potentially save you alot of money and time.