Help on flat bottom steering wheel change


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Hi im looking at changing my steering wheel on my Audi A5 tfsi couple s line 2010 for a flat bottom steering wheel . I have found a s3 fbmfsw with the same controls on the steering wheel with the flappy pannl gears. Its part number is 8J0 im wondering if a round circle airbag part number 8k0 off a audi tt would fit . Also would i need extra wires etc for the stage 2 airbag and what else . Any help would be massively apprecatied thanks again


The air bag im looking at 8k0--

The S3 wheel im looking at buying 8j0 --

My current steering wheel--
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I have the same steering wheel in my A5 so it will fit and work!

The airbag i don't know for sure but looks the same, so must work i gues.

The S3 logo you can change to a S-Line logo with no problems.