Help on codes please


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3 Faults Found:

16518 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1

P0134 - 004 - No Activity - Intermittent

17537 - Fuel Trim; Bank 2 (Mult)

P1129 - 002 - System too Rich - Intermittent - MIL ON

17535 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1 (Mult)

P1127 - 002 - System too Rich - Intermittent - MIL ON

Do I just changed the O2 sensor or is more a foot

Regards James


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When I clear the codes, I've just got 17551 x 1, 17537 x 2, 17535 x 3. I've cleared the faults again, been to liverpool and back, and they haven't returned yet....... so i must be intermitant. I guy on another thread, seems to think it may be the tank vent valve ?


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Ok, some more news, I now have a little spoke coming from the engine and egg smell coming into the cabin?

Any ideas