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Help on choosing products please.....

terrymcg Jun 21, 2007

  1. terrymcg

    terrymcg Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am going to invest in a PC for mu A4 S-Line in Phantom Black. The car has some slight swirling inflicted by the dealers prior to me getting it.

    I was just after some advice of the best process and products to tackle the car with, including the wheels.

    What would you guys recommend?

    I was also thinking of getting a foamaster II.

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  3. jr001

    jr001 Member

    Hi Terry,

    Your PC should come with the SONUS 6in pads plus a couple of other bits and bobs.

    You should get a hold of their 4in ones as well, one of each colour:

    The Menzernal pro polishes are the standard nowadays - you'll probably want Intensive Polishes 3.02 and 091L versions and then there is the Final Finish Polish 085RD and 106FF, the 85 giving the highest gloss. The 85 should suffice, over the 106FF. The Meguiars Polishing and finishing pads, 6.5in are also worth getting, maybe later, as they work very well on the PC. A more stable ride with these I think.

    Having experienced the Zymol HD Cleanse, Carbon wax and Field Glaze, I would thoroughly recommend these. This is where I started and I don't see any need for me to be trying too many other combos at this point. Also available from PB.

    For your windows and wheels, I would go for the JEFFS Acrylic Prime as this not only cleanses but leaves a nice slick protective coating on them. I drove home in the pouring rain last night on 50/60mph roads and didn't have my windscreen wipers on once - I kid you not, that's how good it is. The water just beads up and over the windscreen. This product also gives the wheels a good cleanse and sealant basecoat. I then top up this with the JEFFS Acryllic Trigger a couple of times for extra protection. Again, from PB. These twins are also good for applying to the door sil and shuts and the paintwork in the engine bay.

    I would recommend a couple of Poorboys waffle weave towels for pat drying the car and a selection of the Poorboys MF work towels and you'll need quite a few of the Poorboys Deluxe Microfibre Towels for buffing over your final layer. Again PB do good prices on the 3-packs of each.

    Hope this helps. Certainly it is a quick list on how to spend money:) .

  4. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    Not much I can add to the above! Guide to dark metallics is coming (I'm so sorry ot's taking me so long, I start each week with great intentions, then end up wallowing in too much other work), and the Zymol route will be one of the options featured, along with the Werkstatt route and Blackfire. However, polish-wise Menzerna is the way to go for sure. :)

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