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Feb 27, 2008
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I bought my s3 on tuesday afternoon. all seemed fine and he took me for a test drive (i wasnt insured to drive it.)

however after having it 2 days theres no ignoring the mass ammounts of blue smoke coming from my exhaust...

im guessing my turbo is shot...

how much is this going to cost me?

also is there anything i can do?
Sorry to hear that man, was it a private sale?

I guess nothing was noticeable during the test drive?

You can pick up the Turbo off ze german eBay as I always notice them on there more so than the UK site. £500+ I think.
Second hand Ko4's (Your turbo) come up on ebay quite regularly, to have your's reconditioned will cost around £250-£300 plus removal and refitting labour.

Obviously make sure it's the turbo first and not a dropped valve or something.
good shout stewart
Josh you should think about how they have sold a dodgy motor to you and then go round and have a polite discussion with them
I had a new turbo due to an oil leak :sorry: It cost £600 fitted at a main dealer as i played my face and they dropped the Labour charge. The bill would of been £1150 otherwise. Check the bay as you do see them. Be vary careful though you'll be ****** if the one you get is no good either!!
IMHO get a hybrid and go for 350bhp:eyebrows:
Bad luck mate. id say have a word with them and let them know your not happy and try to come to some amicable arrangement if poss,but, if not then like the others say get it checked over by a specialist most of them are pretty good and they wont drain your wallet too much.

Best of luck mate , keep us posted
Are you sure it's the turbo that has gone? When does it smoke? At idle, all the time etc..
majority of the time it smokes...

basically my freind is a solicitor and she said either way hes screwed. he sold it to me from a garage forecourt and got it part exchange but is saying it was sold private sale... thats illegal... so he can only then say it was a garage sale... in which case the part exchange car should have been checked and claims court will rule he pays me the money...

i rang him up politely and he said "whatever take me to court then"... i explained the outcome and he said fine ill get back to you by 12 (lunch time) tomorrow

fingers crossed he just admits he was wrong... hes a mechanic for the garage so would have obviously know the turbo was shot...

a couple of people have looked at it (mechanics) and said they can tell just from the blue smoke that the oil seals in my turbo are gone...
I heard of a bloke who filled a supersoaker full of brake fluid and emptied it on all the cars on the forecourt...heavens forbid you do that though
^^^ haha !

that would be funny considering the forecourt consists of about 20 bmw's 10 mercedes 10 jaguars and a couple of porsche's !!!
if he has tucked you up with the car dont just leave it check your rights mate go see him and dont back down, dealers dont like a problem that wont go away !!! paint stripper (cough) tyres (cough) :eyebrows:
Also, if he is not forthcoming, go and demand to see the Manager/Owner of the place, as he will probably not be happy if you suggest that 'adverse publicity' about the business could be forthcoming!! Mention trading standards etc...

Good luck with it!!
Looks like my missus has parked your car
Hi sorry to hear about this.

But you bought it from a garage selling it for another person so it is still classed as a trade sale which gives you rights.
Did you get an invoice/reciept?

By law with the sale of goods act you have 6 months garantee from date of purchase to cover defects/faults that accur etc, and by the turbo going so quick you have about 10 legs to stand on.

Your sols should be able to confirm all this and if he does not fix your car then you can take him to court and sue the BA*****
If it has blown fair and square on you, that is bad luck, no ones fault.
If it was smoking when you viewed it and went out in it, that is no ones fault but yours for not noticing!

when viewing a turbo car, insist that the car is "cold" when you view it, (good tip or any car!) and check for smoke on start up, then on test under load, and also on the overrun, (come off the gas at 70, drop to third and let it coast down to about 20 mph, looking in the rear view mirror or out the back for smoke. Then form 20-30mph, floor it to see any plumes.

Dont take revenge on the dealer, he may knwo nothing about the problem! It is sometimes worth contacting the previous owner on the log book. It may be that is why it was px'd and he may tell you.

I have a 44k k04 off my 53 plate BAM s3 (was running perfect but I had an IHI put on last summer). Otherwise have a rebuilt one with warranty.
I second the above comments. If you bought it from a garage where they too your old car as px then they are screwed. Did you get a receipt of any sort?

Traders as a minimum should give you 3 months warranty on stuff such as the engine, turbo, gearbox...

If you get no joy via the phone call I would write them a letter of complaint stating the problems, when they first started the diagnosis and in your letter stick this in it.

(This is a small extract from a letter I wrote to a dealer when my cambelt tensioner packed in causing damage to the engine. They ended up fixing it under warranty)

The Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) means that I am entitled to expect the vehicle to be of a satisfactory quality, having regard for the price I paid. I feel it is unreasonable for a vehicle of this price to have a major fault so soon after purchase, and consider you to be in breach of contract.

I would like to request that you either carry out the repair at your own expense, or you compensate me for the cost of getting the work done elsewhere, and I would like the matter resolved within 14 days of the date of this letter.

Remember to mention the car is not fit for its purpose. Also if you still have the ad and it mentions that the car is perfect and they take px it will add more weight to your case.

At the end of the day mate you got nothing to lose but much to gain. I hope this helps you as it did for me. There is more info on the trading standards website. Good luck fella :icon_thumright:
That sucks, where is the garage? I live in Cambridge and would like to avoid it!

I still have my silver pre-facelift for sale if you are interested.......;)
the advert on pistonheads was label'd a trade sale and had the garage logo on it. i also now have a headed letter from the trade sales executive from pistonheads to confirm that a username and password is required to advertise this car, and that it isw a trade sale.

the garage is arguing it is private sale and dont recognise their involved... the advert which i have saved by the way, also says the car was taken part exchane. the garage now denies this, and had the cheek to say they didnt take the car part exchange due to the ammount of problems it had! however the garage MOT and passed it the day they got it in !?

i went up after hours due to my work schedule and the guy had keys and everything to the whole garage, lower the bollards etc...
he does work there but is apparantly a mechanic...

he said he would have to post me an invoice or reciept because all the tills and computers had shut down at closing time... they now denie this and still somehow believe it is a private sale

bottom line is

advertised as trade sale

bought from the garage

advertised as taken in part exchange

= give me my money back
they are saying **** off take us to court we dont care bla bla bla !
Get straight onto your local trading standards with copies of the advert and the receipt, plus the MOT certificate. Could be interesting if some of the 'problems' they are talking about are MOT failures!!

Good luck...
they cant really do anything...

i cant be bothered to hire a solicitor and go to court over it, even though i would win.... they just seem to think theyre right so i cant get anyhing out of them which is such a pain in the ***...

guess i have no choice but to sue them if they wont do anything about it...
You should chase it, they are just saying that as most people won't pursue it, typical garage. Won't cost too much to get a solicitors letter draftred if your sure of your facts, they may change their tune when they see a real letter.

Go with the above or even try citizens advice they have solicitors who may be interested in this and draft a letter at minimal cost or even free of charge. youll be surprised. even at £50 for a letter from your solicitor may get the desired result as if they are taken to court you go for comp and costs which in turn comes out of the garages pocket. It would be interesting to find out how the car was registered when sold to the garage on the V5 i.e to a motor trader.

Sorry to hear youve problems i know what its like i just bought my daughter a KA from what seemed like a reputable dealer. £400 quid for parts and a new clutch later I cut my loses as the car is now worth more than i paid plus parts.

Good luck

well i hope so... ive contacted a solicitor who is thinking like me

he said you want to avoid taking this to court... he said he will wright a HUGE letter to scare the pants off them...

showing the pistonheads sale and how it clearly shows a garage/dealership sale, how i bought it from a garage forecourt by someone i was told was the salesman and was going to fax me the invoice because it was after hours (i work till 5.30 each day like everyone else does !)... which seemed reasonable... he opened up the office and things with keys...

next thing i know hes the mechanic! and they deny it was a garage sale but they must see it from my shoes? i responded to a trade sale... bought it from a trade place...

grrrr i want my money back so i can invest a couple more squids into getting a RELIABLE one from a better source !
Why not just get a quote for a new turbo to be fitted and then ask them to contribute toward it, after all you will then have a new turbo?

I think you should be careful as although they seem to have not been entirely honest, you too can be seen to maybe have not acted in your own best interests either! Buying cars after hours in the dark is not a good idea! !

What is more worrying is the fact they say they would not have taken it due to "all the problems"....what else is wrong with it? If it is just a turbo its an easy fix and should nto be too pricey, (2nd hand turbo maybe £300, fitting maybe £200....) You would then have a nice car if that is all there is wrong with it.

Ask them to declare all the known faults to you....if they wont do so, then it suggests they dont know of any particular ones and hence would have taken it px.
If they do give you a list, it will stich them up even more if it comes to court and it is deemed a trade sales (as the advert suggests).
Unlucky. My advice get your money and buy from a better source, I bought my S3 direct from audi. Fair enough I paid about 1200 more than private but I had no headaches what so ever and I get my 1 yr warranty and breakdown cover.

See how you get on with the Solicitors letter, if that doesn't work try calling there bluff. I know some people get legal aid on their house insurance so you could try that one stating it wont cost you a penny to take them to court so they can either settle it out of court or pay alot more and settle it in.
i first offered to get the turbo professionally fitted and for them to pay the sum which they refused. its since they have told me there where loads of problems with it that i now have no desire for the car...

car was advertised with full service history but i only have been given a duplicate copy.

car was advertised with 6 months tax and i was given no tax.

i thought it was really nice of them to let me come up after i had finished work to see the car... nothing seemed dodgy about it. he said he was the salesman and had keys to show me around etc...
guess so...

my solicitor is currently writing the letter... hopefully they well re-think about their reputation etc... im not asking for anything from them!

its not as if i want the £8000 and keep the car! im going to give the car back and said i would accept £7850 back because i have travelled in it!

my solicitor thinks people like this find it hard to back down to people calling them up, but may not feel so strongly about giving in when a solicitor is involved...
im thinking of spending about 11k ish next (yep £3000 more!)

atleast i will have peace of mind
sorry to hear about your prob's mate. I bought mine 2 months ago and almost immediately had issues. the dealer (not audi) had the cambelt replaced but ****** it up (lucky car wasn't shagged!), they said they would pay for work, I had it done, sent the invoice then they refused to pay.

in the end I just slated the company loads on the net through forums and review centres, that they started to lose some business. solicitors were on the case and they eventually agreed to pay up. TBH the real owner of the company got wind (through a forum i'd been on and saw what i was doing to his trade!) of what had happened and agreed I had done nothing wrong and they owed me.
the manager got a real bollocking by all accounts and my cheque arrived very quickly once he (the real boss) was involved.

word on the internet, -particularly that of bad reviews, can travel very fast and be very effective!!! make he's aware of it when popular forums/review centres features his name and actions!


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