Help needed


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So today I drove my car for the first time in nearly four weeks (apart from one day last week) and all was good on my 14 mile journey.

However, on my way back again (after leaving it parked for a couple of hours) I noticed that the battery light momentarily lit up on the dash. I was literally for a couple of seconds and it went out. For the rest of my drive home (12 miles approx) all was normal, no noises no screeching and steering was normal.

Any ideas? Could it be that because it's been idle for a whole month that the battery was a tad low?

It started fine too.

I've done a search on here and tbh everyone else with similar issues seem to have other symptoms.

Any thoughts?


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Issues like that need to be more constant to be an issue.


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I wouldn't be concerned by that unless it stayed on.


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Cheers fellas, it's just odd that it happened at all.

I've driven it since and all good and car running perfectly, may just have been a gremlin perhaps.