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image.jpg Help needed, there appears to be a buzzing noise from the pictured area of the engine, the noise is only evident when the accelerator is dipped, their are no unusual noises when the engine is idling. There are no noticeable power losses or economy problems...... Cheers oldredeyes

I own a 2010 plate 170 tdi, if this helps
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Now I am worried, having had a look at HPFP failure problems and the associated costs..... Has anyone on here experienced any HPFP issues, symptoms and/ or has any advice? Or is it a trip to the stealers for me?


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If there's no problem with the car stop being parro

I moved from a 2.0d4d corolla into my a3 and it makes some weird and wonderful noises I tell you I was at the mechanic every other day when I first got it lol