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HElP needed... Shudder in when taking off on a hill

beanbag Aug 25, 2018

  1. beanbag

    beanbag New Member

    I have a 2012 A6 Sline 2.0 CVT. Ever since I biught the car the odd time it shudders when taking off. Like it is going to stall but doesn’t. Normally happens uphill or if i put too much gas on from starting off. No problems through the gears, and doesnt happen if i start downhill and put the foot on the gas. Today on a hill it stalled. I have had the gearbox serviced by Audi and they said it was fine.

    I have read several threads on different sites of what it could be or might be but no one has had a solution. Ive read that its the gearbox, the spark plugs or that its characteristic of a cvt box.

    Anyone ever have similar problems and how did you sort it?
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  3. Buxton2901

    Buxton2901 Well-Known Member

    I have came from an a4 2.7 with cvt box and the hesitation and slight shudder on hill starts was just the way the gearbox was and was always like that. Had it for 3 years and never got any worse so just for used to it.
    I'll be honest my current tiptronic box in my A6 bitdi is a lot better and pulling away is so much better.

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