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Help needed please with ABS LIGHT

Tony5496 May 18, 2020

  1. Tony5496

    Tony5496 Member

    Hi could somebody help please. I have change the battery on my Audi 1.8T cab on 2003 The car has been in garage for a couple of months. So after the fitting new battery I’ve got ABS light on and steering angle sensor light. So I scanned it it came back with driver-side rear ABS sensor . So I took Wheeler off and had a look. The pick up ring on the ABS on the back of the hub was very rusty. So I change the whole hub and bearing unit . Put it all back together . Then it came up with the rear left hand side . SO changed that side hub and bearing on that side as well . Then I scanned it it came back up with the right ABS sensor so I change the ABS sensor on the right tonight . Now it’s saying that side is ok. And now coming up with ABS sensor passenger-side . Just so confused have I changed all this for nothing could it just be an electrical fault help needed as pulling hair out. Just seems strange it was ok when I put the car away in garage. For a couple of months then put new battery on and got the ABS light on .

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