HELP NEEDED! New to audi, Need advice!!


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Hi, need some advice as i dont know much about audi's and am looking to buy a 1.8T Quattro. Im going to look at one on saturday and im just wondering what i should be looking out for? Its done 77,000 miles, black, full leather, etc for 5695 and its a W plate. looks in good nick, is this the right model i should be looking for? and as im 19 i cant insure the S3. what are like to live with etc would be appreciated. thanks!:w00t:


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Check out the stickys and do a search,plenty of info about to gather. Make sure all services done, cambelt change is must by now, as if haldex fluid changes.

Surely a regular T sport will be even cheaper for you with similar performance.


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When I looked there was only £30 different between the T sport and the Quattro


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sorry yeah, only just joined the forum and found the stickies.

how much difference is there between the regular 1.8T Sport to the quattro in the performance, handling etc?
The quattro is a lot heavier thanks to the 4wd system, but benefits from fully independent rear suspension; the 2wd is lighter but has the old fashioned torsion beam at the back.


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The extra 30 BHP is lost through the 4wd system so you don't really gain much performance but you do gain more grip. Moving from an A3 to the S3 the quattro does aid grip but add a rear arb to the A3 and you can stop the body roll and make it go round corners better.


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Just bear in mind running costs. With Haldex system this will need to be serviced every 20k for oil. Also with the 4WD be prepared to shell out on tyres, as it is preferred to change all 4 at once. However you can get away with the swapping two as you go along..if you want. So check the tyres to make sure you have good tread left on them.


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Nice choice of car,

Ive had my T-Sport since i was 17. I came across my Audi my accident so didnt know anything about them at the time my insurance isn't too bad its 1500 fully comp in my own name.

If you intend on modding dont bother with the quattro, but if you intend to keep standard then the quattro is better in standard form.

Ive done a fair bit to my A3 T-Sport and it handles great now with the bits ive done.

It was 500 extra for me to insure an S3 so if that's what you really want go for that?

Any more info you need just ask!


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I insured my S3 at 19 mate, wasnt too bad either, try