Help Needed Loss of Power!


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Hello all.

Hoping someone can help me! i have an 2004 audi a3 2.0tdi BKD engine and have just got it back after having a new front end on at a local bodyshop due to a slight accident!
I picked the car up on thursday and it has no power a total lack of boost yet you can hear the turbo spool. the car has been in the bodyshop for 3-4 weeks when i dropped it there the car had no engine issues what so ever and ran like a dream!
i got the car home and scanned it using VAGCOM i got error code p0102 Air flow sensr Signal input to low. i changed the air flow meter the follwing day for an aftermarket one which was no better. I was told it would be the cheap air flow meter at fault so i returned it and went to the dealer. Having fitted a genuine one the car remains the same and VAGCOM still says fault code p0102!!
Usuing a multimeter into the back of the plug going in to the meter i can get a 5v live yet only 1.5v coming back to the ecu which im told it should be higher and rise to 4.8v when revs are on which it doesnt. I have checked all vac pipes and all are fine. Intercooler pipes all pressurise ok also! i am now lost with it pleeeeeeeeeeease can someone help?

Many Thanks in Advance



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You should speak to the garage that you left your car with.


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have done and will be doing again tommorow, was just hoping i could fix it without him having it back for weeks on end :\


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If its had a front end on it i would be getting them to check things like intercooler hoses or a thrust sensor if they have one on the intercoolers ?