Help needed, electrcial faults


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Hi, recently my 2014 S line, started to give me some problems.

Whilst driving the wipers would wipe the screen once or twice (stalk In the off position and not moved), I turned off the rain sensor to rule it out. And they still do it. would do this 2-3 times in one journey and then not do it for a few days. VCDS showing no faults in any systems for them.

Second problem is the parking sensors show a fault, and don't work at all. using vcds it shows a code for Short circuit to ground, code can be cleared but once sensors switched on comes straight back on.

anyone experienced these problems or something similar before? any help would be appreciated.


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to check the parking sensors follow this procedure:
1)remove the fuse that protects the park sensors
2) turn the ignition on and put it in reverse to activate the sensors (which obviously won't work but you will have sent current to them)
3)Use a multimeter set to DC 20volts range, connect the multimeter across the two fuse contacts. You can use a basic test lamp too.
4)If you get a voltage reading or the test lamp lights up, then you have confirmed a short circuit.
5) Now remove the load from the circuit, ie unplug the multiplug for the park sensors. This will most likely be behind one of the rear lights, but I'm sure someone will give you the correct location.
6)With the park sensors now isolated from the circuit as you have unplugged them, again put your multimeter or test lamp across the fuse contacts.
a) If you get a reading or the test lamp lights, then the short circuit is between the fuse holder and the multiplug
b) If there is no voltage or the test lamp doesn't light, then the fault is either in the park sensor body/bodies themselves, or the short is in the circuit
AFTER the sensors.
7) Now take it out of gear into neutral and leave the ignition on. Check across the fuse holder again.
a) If there are no volts/no test lamp lit, then the short is between the switch (reverse switch) and the sensors. It could be the reverse switch itself.
b) If you still get juice, then the fault is between the switch and the fuse holder.
Once you have isolated the particular part of the circuit at fault, then its just a matter of tracing the wiring until you find the culprit. I'm wondering if the bumper has been off at some time and on replacing it, they have trapped a wire. Strange to have a short to earth on a 2014 car unless wiring has been damaged somehow. Open circuit is more understandable as water ingress over time will cause 'green' copper wires and a subsequent break in the circuit.
Hope you get it sorted.


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Please post the actual fault code or a scan of the car, and remember if one sensor is dead the system is disabled...